Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How to make a Moustache ... Pillow

For my very good friend Megan, who is close to obsession with moustaches. I thought Id be a good friend and create a rather LARGE moustache pillow, and here is how you too and create your very own Moustache Pillow:

First of all gather some newspaper that no one wants to read, and over the two page spread draw a large moustache onto it. Can be any kind of moustache style. I went for the classic old English style :) the most recognisable in my mind. Once your drawing is complete simply cut it out.

Next place your paper template onto your selected material. I’ve gone for a nice light brown fake fur, to give it that hairy moustache texture. Now to draw onto the fabric around the template to get the desired shape. As shown below: 

Once you've drawn onto the material, it’s time to cut it out. You will need to have two different pieces of the material, both the same shape:


Time for sowing.
Place the two pieces on top of each other, fur facing inwards, and then proceed to pin ALL the way around the moustache. Like the image shown below:

Once pinned ALL the way around, its time for the long process of sewing ALL the way round. Pick a similar coloured cotton to that of your material, so it blends in well. I used the hand stitching technique called, whip stitch. It may be a lot easier to machine sew, depending on the thickness of the material.

Stitch majority of the way round, you MUST make sure you leave a substantial hole, I left a 3inch hole. This ensures you can turn it inside out, and then add the content which will make it full and soft like a pillow. I added feathers to create the plumpness of a pillow.

The Final Finished Moustache Pillow

Tiger Moustache   :)

Friday, 12 October 2012

A Draft Never Completed or Posted

Last year for a marked module 'Lip Sync' we had to develop and create our own 'creature comfort' like animations. Here is mine :) First starting this particular blog post nearly a year ago and never actually completing and posting *slaps wrist* ... here it is now finally.

First thing we did was to develop several interesting questions to ask, some complete strangers. Sounds strange? It felt a little strange to be honest, but it was for a good animation cause.
From the recording I chose the most entertaining convocations, which happened to be from a good friend and fellow Stop Motion student Chris Wass (thanks Chris!) He spoke about a past 'horrible job' which I then developed into a character, and basically went from there :)

Here are some simple designs, ideas and making process:


Basic Armature design 


A tiny tiny shirt I actually sowed on the way to Bristol Encounter festival 2011, on the train. Had some really funny looks off the 3 business men I was sitting with, great conversation starter though. Even had to Iron the creases out ...

The making process

Creating the intricate and detailed hands. Starting with 2ml wire twisted into 10 pieces, which are then twisted together in sets of five to create very simple hand shape. From there came the patients, apply layer upon layer of liquid latex to build up the hands slowly. Even applying a little drop for the knuckles. Once dry finally mixing acrylic paint with liquid latex to get the final hand look and colour.

Chris in a smart shirt and tie

A simple movement test 


My final animation

Made completely out of foam board, lighting set close up to the board to create this dramatically blind effect. Which works particularly well :)

The Lip Sync animation:

Unable to upload but here’s the link :)
Let me know what you think ...
Hope you enjoy :)