Sunday, 11 November 2012

Flip Festival


Before I entered the big wide world of Flip Festival and volunteering, I decided to create several items to help represent myself and Staffordshire University. By creating some little badges and my own business card that shows some of the characters and drawings I have completed over the past 2 years. I even included a badge with Staffordshire University’s new logo, 25FPS@STAFFS, shown below on the right:

Wolverhampton Times
Going to Flip was the first time I have ever been to Wolverhampton, it was nice to get out of Stoke-on-Trent for a little bit to gain some experience. As I was working/volunteering I decided to stay in a hotel for the entire festival, below are images of my room and the view.


Projection show on St Peters Church

Animations shown at Flip

I had the opportunity to see some of my fellow Staffordshire university students that had their film on at flip:
Daniel James with 'Viv and Mandy in the big clean up part 2'
Kyle Bennett with his film 'obsession'
Emma Cosgrove with 'Muncha Buncha Lunch!'
Tom Grainger (and three other students) film 'Money tree'
Here are some other films that I Personally enjoyed:
Dictaphone Parcel
Spy cat and the paper chase

Вне игры (Out of play) By Tatyana Yazyna & Ivan Maximov

Head over Heels

Thursday, 1 November 2012

I love Halloween!

It's Pumpkin Time
This year for Halloween I decided to go all fancy with my pumpkin design, and get my sculpting tools out to create this little beauty. It’s a REAL big eye. I added some additional detail by adding bits of wire for the eyelashes. Don’t think the children noticed though.

This scary beast was my boyfriend, Josh's first EVER pumpkin! :O

Halloween Fancy Dress

One vital thing I love about Halloween is the fact I get to dress up and practice my face painting skills. And I don’t get looked at like I'm a weirdo, because it’s Halloween. This year I went out the house dressed like a dead Alice in wonderland, wearing zombie contacts and half my face ripped off. Not really, it’s only face paint and some fake blood, for dramatical effect.

Here is some images of myself with my fellow scary Halloween friends:

3 Busy Weeks in October

Finally back into the swing of things at university, being a very busy student. After being back for a month and a half, I've completed three animations, YES three.
Week 1
The first animation was a basic warm up of my animation skills after a long summer. Called 'The power of 9 - Principles' a short animation completed over a week, illustrating my understanding and application of the animation principles. The scenes we had to recreate in our own individual way shown below:

We had to use any primitive shapes; cube, sphere, cone, cylinder. I chose a simple sphere shape, so a character can be easily modelled and movable around the set. My sphere's transformed into two naughty cats, messing around with some yarn, and finally being united. Final animation shown below, if you want to have a little nosy :)  

            9 principles animation CLICK HERE

Week 2

In the second week I had to complete a 30 second animation focusing on the use of onomatopoeia words, utilising them within a short animation to imitate/suggest the source of the sound that it describes. I decided to choose the following words to animate with; Zip, Slap, Sniff, Cuckoo, Whip and Drip. A special thanks is in order, as I had a good friend Chris Wass helping me with the written texted shown within. Didn’t have a clue, so thank you a million Chris for going out of your way to help a fellow animator :) ... Below is the finished film:

Week 3

In the final week me and fellow animator and friend Lilly Goodchild, came together to work on a short Sting to promote animation at Staffordshire University, the brand being 25FPS@STAFFS. Having the opportunity to choose from 3 sound tracks, we chose the more lively bouncy tune, somewhat sounding like a circus.
We then went away and created three colourful circus animals; a elephant, bear and lion with the colours specified to use in the briefing (Magenta, Cyan and Yellow) I then created little tutu for our animals for their 'Dance Recital'. Bear, lion and final sting shown below:

The final 25FPS@STAFFS Sting

Hope you like :)