Thursday, 1 November 2012

I love Halloween!

It's Pumpkin Time
This year for Halloween I decided to go all fancy with my pumpkin design, and get my sculpting tools out to create this little beauty. It’s a REAL big eye. I added some additional detail by adding bits of wire for the eyelashes. Don’t think the children noticed though.

This scary beast was my boyfriend, Josh's first EVER pumpkin! :O

Halloween Fancy Dress

One vital thing I love about Halloween is the fact I get to dress up and practice my face painting skills. And I don’t get looked at like I'm a weirdo, because it’s Halloween. This year I went out the house dressed like a dead Alice in wonderland, wearing zombie contacts and half my face ripped off. Not really, it’s only face paint and some fake blood, for dramatical effect.

Here is some images of myself with my fellow scary Halloween friends:

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