Friday, 12 October 2012

A Draft Never Completed or Posted

Last year for a marked module 'Lip Sync' we had to develop and create our own 'creature comfort' like animations. Here is mine :) First starting this particular blog post nearly a year ago and never actually completing and posting *slaps wrist* ... here it is now finally.

First thing we did was to develop several interesting questions to ask, some complete strangers. Sounds strange? It felt a little strange to be honest, but it was for a good animation cause.
From the recording I chose the most entertaining convocations, which happened to be from a good friend and fellow Stop Motion student Chris Wass (thanks Chris!) He spoke about a past 'horrible job' which I then developed into a character, and basically went from there :)

Here are some simple designs, ideas and making process:


Basic Armature design 


A tiny tiny shirt I actually sowed on the way to Bristol Encounter festival 2011, on the train. Had some really funny looks off the 3 business men I was sitting with, great conversation starter though. Even had to Iron the creases out ...

The making process

Creating the intricate and detailed hands. Starting with 2ml wire twisted into 10 pieces, which are then twisted together in sets of five to create very simple hand shape. From there came the patients, apply layer upon layer of liquid latex to build up the hands slowly. Even applying a little drop for the knuckles. Once dry finally mixing acrylic paint with liquid latex to get the final hand look and colour.

Chris in a smart shirt and tie

A simple movement test 


My final animation

Made completely out of foam board, lighting set close up to the board to create this dramatically blind effect. Which works particularly well :)

The Lip Sync animation:

Unable to upload but here’s the link :)
Let me know what you think ...
Hope you enjoy :) 

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