Thursday, 12 January 2012

Over Christmas ...

Its all about brown paper ... again

Over christmas I have been doing several sketches and drawings for people. Still having a profound 'obsesion' with the use of brown paper, and mix media. Next in my collect on drawings, i will bring different textures and material into my work. I was thinking the use of nail varnish, patterned papers and possibly fabrics :) Here are some of the draws I am particularly proud of ...

Here is an intial sketch idea, that i may take further. Creating anthropmorthic charcaters ... cats in edwardian clothing.

Next on my ajenda, I finially have some time to create my steampunk puppet that I have been wanting to finish/make for well over a year now. Having already created the mold, all I will need to do is to create the amarture and then foam latex. After begins the 'decorating' process, having the designs and all the materials already, it shoulldnt take to long. This time I will be trying a new style, to recreate the hair. This time I will try to use hair extention, inspiration came from the animation 'Playing Ghost' which I viewed at the encounter festival at bristol last year.

Another 'project', so to speak that I want to start, is knitting :)
Always wanted to learn how to do it, and know I want to gain this skill so I can create possible knitted peices for my animations, and several other craft peices. I will blog how I get on, and the peices I produce.

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