Sunday, 24 March 2013

Unearthed 2013 Project: 02.03.13

After the completion of the Lidice Shall Die animation, there was an exhibition and show of the product. To help the public gain more of an insight to the storey and possibly become apart of the project and spread the word.
On the 2nd of March I helped to set up the space in the Hanley Potteries Museum. We started the day by adding two pear seeds to each individual envelope, as seen below. And then attaching the packets to the branches surrounding the displace area, for the public to pick up easily. The seeds represent the only thing to survive the Lidice attack, a pear tree. And by having two seeds, these represent the promise, to re-tell the storey to two people. So in a couple years Stoke-on-Trent will have plenty of pears :)

The next thing on my agenda to do was to create a path way made from foot prints. In the style of military boots, Dan another student from Staffordshire University drew around his own foot as a template on some transferrable white vinyl. Then I added a simple tread design onto the foot sketch, also including an arrow to indicate the direction. Once the prints where all cut out, I began to stick the feet down starting from entrance of the Museum to the showing area. Too hopefully gather interest and get more of the public to go to the area. When apply the feet I literally began jumping for one foot to another to get the correct distance between feet. This was rather amusing to passing visitors, but in the end the path way worked particularly well in getting people to the show area.

The final completed area; the screen consisting of shower curtains simple but effective, benches for the public, carpet mats for children that wanted to sit on the floor, the area was surrounded by the branches covered in the pear seed packets, and even some of the silhouettes that are feature in the animation.

Finally I had chance to watch the entire animation, I was blown away it looked incredible! I urge you to watch the animation that is on my previous post. I even got to see my own name on the credits, as shown below. This being my largest collaborative film Ive been apart of outside of the university, I was rather excited so thought id share this image.
Here is a documentary piece of the showing of the film, created by Chris Stone.
Featuring Sarah Nahin and Nicola Winstanley the creative directors of the entire production.


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