Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Before, During, & After

Photo documentary of the creation of Staffordshire university animation departments mural.
(Also known as 25fps@staffs: follow on twitter & Facebook to see more creations)

I was ecstatic to be able to help this creation as a previous student, to be able to leave my mark pertinently (until a new lick of paint). I was currently working for the department part-time and this was to be my main project, to mark out and help lecture Stuart Messenger and students to get the mural finished in time for the 2014 design show. 

Try and spot your favorite films!



From left to right: Me, Prav, Sam, Dan, Laura & Jodie

Stuart M & Me busy stenciling 

What you thinking about?


hakuna matata

Paying homage to the great Ray Harryhausen

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