Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Bristol Baby ...

My Second home  = ]

Lucky girl me has been to visit beautiful Bristol, for the yearly Encounter Animation festival.
Once again another amazing year, packed full of talented students and professionals work on show.

My personal achievement on this trip was gaining access to the extremely personal Aardman, model making and rapid prototyping talk.

After waiting for 1hour and a half for the Arnolfini to open, I was extremely ecstatic to get a ticket and gain some professional knowledge about specific model making methods. Giving me more determination and inspiration to succeed at university!

I even had the opportunity to hold and take a picture with a genuine model, from Aardman's new feature film 'THE PIRATES!'

Animations That Rocked My World ...

First Contact

The Blackwater Gospel - Eary but visually amazing!


Drama In The Wetland

Lose This Child

Nokia 'Dot'


Its all about brown paper ...

Whilst down Bristol, I managed to squeeze a few sketches in here and there.


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