Sunday, 6 January 2013

Designing Domovoi

Domovoi is a house spirit from Slavic folklore. Domovoi or 'Domo' as I like to call him, is usually portrayed as a masculine bearded spirit, sometimes with horns or tail. Every household is said to have a Domovoi. It does not do evil unless angered by the family, due to poor upkeep of the house. Playing such tricks like; rattling small objects, breaking dishes, leaving muddy foot print. In fact Domovoi often helps with the household chores, even treating the family to gifts like milk and biscuits.

Domovoi retreats from his day to day activities in the house, to underneath the stove. The stove not only a home to Domo but also for his wife Kikimora, another household spirit.

Both these spirits will be the main stars in mine and Lilly Goodchild final year animation. But for my Individual Short animation, I will be focusing solely on Domovoi. Following is my sketchbook work and designs of Domo.

Initial Research


Initial Ideas

Simple designs to help develop various shapes and sizes for the facial features.

Also creating both thin and fat versions of Domovoi, to help decide what body shape he will have. Because Kikimora will be co-staring with Domo in the final project, and she is extremely thin and spindly. So the fat version of Domo would be best for an extreme contrast between characters.

Final development of the face

Re-designing Facial structure 

Using the image above (prehistoric man) as a reference to re-designed Domo's facial structure, creating a more prominent brow. Development of face below and 360 with new face applied.

Different Hair Designs

Concept Art

Animated sketchbook

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