Sunday, 10 March 2013

Chosen for Stuttgart 2013 Animation Jam

In the beginning of February both me and Lily Goodchild entered our show reel and two of our films into the 48 hour Crazy Horse Animation Jam competition. Where by 5 different teams (each team containing two people) are chosen to produce a short animation LIVE.
The films I submitted can be found on my Animation page and also my Show reel page.

I am EXTREAMLY HAPPY to inform you WE HAVE been CHOSEN to be ONE TEAM in the CONTEST. We may possibly be the only Stop-motion team there, so we need to ensure our animation will knock their socks off ... Germany here we come  :)

For more information on what we will be up to and the entire festival in general visit:
Either side are images of the 'Crazy Horse' ... No wonder. He so colourful, cannot wait to make a little puppet of him?! Maybe he will have to be made out of Newplast or cut out AHH I dont know yet, but the possibilities are endless.

I couldn't help but show you the trailer and some images of the advertising campaign used for Stuttgart this year. Because personally I think it’s amazing, and 'I wish I thought of it first!'



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