Thursday, 21 March 2013

Unearthed 2013 Project: 26.02.13

Please watch the video below, to get a basic understanding of the project and the story of Lidice:

For more information about the project and to make your very own promise visit this website:

I initially became a part of this project, when working with Karen and Rob from BIGred studios. Asking if I would be interested in collaborating as a group with Nicola Winstanley and Sarah Nadin, to help produce a shadow puppet animation for the Unearthed project. Of course i jumped to the opportunity. Meeting up with Sarah at Hanley Museum where they were starting the community based workshops, Sarah told me in more detail about the storey and project. Not knowing anything about what the people of Stoke on Trent actually accomplished, was amazing to me. Making me very position about spreading the word of this utterly amazing project.

After learning about the story, I then told several people even posting information on Twitter and Facebook to make sure a larger group of people could learn about it. I then visited the Unearthed 2013 website (shown above) for more information and to make my promise. Shown below are my promise tag for the sculpture and two people’s tags that the story was told to:


To help with the project, I went to BIGred studio where the animation was being filmed. And started to create some of the key silhouette pieces for the film, starting with this decorative frame pieces.

The finished silhouette

Here is Chris Stone and Rob Pointon filming the panning shots of the village.

Creating the impression of the moon light by simply applying a torch to the fabric background.

Some more silhouettes I completed, this time some simple marching Nazi that were applied to a stick, and placed in front of the camera. Also some drunken Nazi’s.

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