Thursday, 22 August 2013

The end is near ...

Degree Show

For mine and Lily Goodchild final degree show of our film 'Domovoi & Kikimora' we were able to display all our work in our own private room.

The first display people were presented with was our largest set (the kitchen set). I covered the background of the set with the making of images showing the different stages of Domovoi from character development to the final puppet. Also on display were various different making stages of the set.

Next to the kitchen set I created various badges and postcards to pick up, with a note asking for a voluntary donation for the cat’s protection. Thank you everyone that donate it was lovely to see people caring about cats like I do, but unfortunately some sneaky children decided to poke their nasty hands in and stole the majority of the proceed. Which I was distort about, but in the end we donated £6.74 to cats protection so thank you all!
Myself and Domovoi within the kitchen set

Next was Lily's area so to speak, on display was the bedroom set with both the little girl and Kikimora. Also large amounts of design work that Lily complete over the year, with the original scripts and animatic.

Thank you for all the messages and kind words you left us about our work, I’m glad you enjoyed our final film and degree show.
Here are some of my favourite messages:

-Bad ass!
-Very good work girls very professional in all aspects of the work you have done
-Absolutely amazing! I love all of your different sets and characters!
Myself and the Hut featured in 'Domovoi & Kikimora'

Across from the two previous sets, was yet another (yes three large sets in total) this one was the hut which helped for the establishing shots. This was my pride and joy, I loved creating every aspect of it and hopefully you can tell by how detailed and realistic it looks. Me and my father are currently turning this set into a beautiful coffee table, hopefully I’ll be able to show you the images of how it goes sometime soon.

Down stairs was even more of our work, as we had various puppets we made from this semester and though out the three years at Staffs University. I had my third Domovoi puppet with sketchbook in the middle cabinet area. Also on display was several other creation I made like my first ever puppet, the lion (at the bottom). This is next to our little dancing animals from mine and Lily’s sting 25SPF dance recital. Which can view here!

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