Saturday, 24 August 2013

Graduation Day

What an amazing day! Everybody's blood sweat and (many) tears went into our work for this one particular day, and it was worth it. Celebrating with everyone in the Animation department was an incredible experience and one I would love to experience again, but unfortunately University is over. I’ve honestly had some good times with many people in this photo, even though it’s missing my good friend Lily Goodchild. I wish you all the best of luck in the future, hopefully we will all gain amazing jobs that we love and have worked hard for. 

I’m sure I will see some of you around in the industry :)

Nicola Everill Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours  
In Stop motion animation and puppet making.
My lovely lectures, you will be missed!

 A big thank you to my Lectures Laura Weston, Daryl Marsh, Ade Tooth and Stuart Messinger, for teaching me all the things that I know today, and for helping me achieve my BA.

And of course thanks goes to my loving boyfriend and family for supporting me through the years, and putting up with me through the very stressful times.

From left to right: Dad, Gran Joan, me and Mother

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