Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Month of Film Festivals...

During my time at University most of you know (hopefully by now) that myself and Lily Goodchild collaborated on our final film called ' Domovoi and Kikimora'
 (Poster shown above)

Since University we have tried to get our film into various animation festivals, and FINIALLY I am extremely happy to tell you that we have got our film into:

 Animated Eden
Cumbria’s first international animation festival

Our film will be shown on Sunday 8th of September, in Artistic Potluck between 3pm & 5pm. I will be taking down an actual puppet from the film Domovoi to accompany me because, after our film is shown I will be taking any questions that are thrown at me from the audience (slightly scared). But I will not be alone as Daniel James a friend from Staffs University will also be showing his film in the same category as ours, and answering any questions people may have.

Not only will Dan be there but also the Oscar winning Barry Purves will be there for an in depth talk about his work and why he still uses puppets. I have already had the pleasure of  meeting Barry already this year during my time at Stuttgart animation festival earlier this year.

Click HERE to see Animated Eden Schedule 

For the full film listing Click HERE

Some great animations will be shown at Animated Eden, some that have been circulating the festivals for a while. Such films as; The Eagleman Stag, Oh Willy and The Maker. All great examples of Stop motion films, also some interesting 2D and CGI pieces of work created from all around the world by students and professionals. Take a look for yourself with the link above. All on this coming Sunday the 8th of September, I can’t wait!

It’s that time of year again where I become extremely excitable... 

Bristol’s Encounter Festival!!!!!

Unfortunately 'Domovoi & Kikimora' won’t be showing here this year, maybe due to the 2,000 other films that were also submitted. There is always next year though.

But on a brighter side, I will be going down to Bristol on the 17th not only to visit my dream city and to watch the some amazing films. But also to work as a volunteer at the Encounter festival this year in the Arnolfini building. 

So I will be helping with the basic run of the festival this year, distributing tickets, ensuring people go to the correct seats and many more things. So if anyone is going down this year, LET ME KNOW! There is nothing I love more than catching up with different creative people, and there is nowhere better to do this then Encounters festival.

See you down there, don’t forget 17th September it starts until the 22nd ... No excuses!

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